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About me..

To crazy to be real

Ulrike Strötzel aka. "Alice Gruen" was born in 1995 in Berlin, Germany. She studied communication design at btk Berlin and has a B.A. of Arts.

"Alice Gruen" began to paint at a young age and developed over the years as an autodidact. Her style developed in two different directions. In your childhood, she already practiced realistic portraits, which gave her a feeling for body shapes and proportions. Dance lessons played an important role in the development of her abstract style. By dancing to the music, she could express herself emotionally. At the age of 11, the first abstract drawings of dancing people developed. The drawings were limited to geometric shapes such as arrows and lines. Soon afterwards the origin of her current style developed. She scribbled lines on paper and saw pictures in them. At that time she erased the lines after coloring them.

In the following years she primarily focused on realistic painting, but returned to it in mid-2018. After initially only small drawings, she switched to a large format.

In the past "Alice Gruen" was part of several exhibitions. She was part of the street art exhibition "Wandelism" in 2018.

In 2019 she designed an interactive work of art in the "Selfiespot" exhibition on Boulevard Berlin.

For the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 2019, she was part of a design campaign in front of the Spandau Arcaden.

Since 2020 Alice gives different grafitti and art workshops, where people can learn how to be creative themselfes.

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